Spy School: Secret Service

71ocxCt6rUL (1).jpgBenjamin Ripley is on his on his fifth mission in the CIA Academy of Espionage. The mission? To prevent a presidential assassination. His most dangerous yet. There are the usual suspects, the Secret Sevice, Government officials, and the CIA itself. Ben must pose as a friend of the Presidents son, Jason, who’s a jerk.

Ben soon finds out that he needs more than his witty mind to solve this case. He realizes that he’ll need the help of a few specific individuals. Especially his fellow classmates that include; Chip, Jawa, Zoe, and Erica.

Erica’s that one person who’s reserved and quiet but stealthy and cool. It’s hard to be her “forever friend” without getting pretty mad at that fact that she’ll say something encouraging, like once in a blue moon. Her nickname is usually “Ice Queen” mind you, that fits her demeanor quite nicely.

The rest of Ben’s friends are pretty normal as far as friends go. Since they’re all training at the academy, they each have their own unique fighting skill and are all helpful in Ben’s mission. However, not all friends stick together. Some of them, turn to the dark side. Some of them turn evil. Some of them, become your worst nemesis.

Ben soon realizes that this case might just be his worst yet, lies, fights, prison. Everything, everything in his world will suddenly turn upside down.